Allergies and food intolerances can be detected using Bioresonance therapy. Allergies often occur because of a compromised digestive tract. This can happen due to over consumption of alcohol, sugar and pharmaceutical drugs (paracetamol, aspirin, steroids and antibiotics). The route to better health and reduction of allergies is to make dietary and lifestyle changes. Our nutritional therapists can help you make dietary changes and prescribe specific supplements to help support the digestive tract. With food allergy or intolerance, abstinence of certain foods is required during therapy followed by gradual reintroduction. Toxic overload can also cause allergic reactions and a broad range of symptoms in the body, ranging from joint pain to weight gain. During treatment, Bioresonance therapy stimulates your toxic load to facilitate detoxification. Our approach for treating allergies is to detoxify the body, to lighten the load on the immune system and to help heal the digestive tract. After detoxification, energy patterns of suspected allergens (food, pet hair etc) are inverted and presented to the body. This method effectively desensitise allergies and reduces or eliminates the incidence of allergic reactions.



Problem foods can be identified, eliminated and then desensitized with the bioresonance machine. This should enable reintroduction of the food after a certian period of time, this will vary according to individual needs. The treatment needs to be done over several sessions but has proven to be very effective at helping with food intolerances. If there are any issues underlying food intolerances such as candida, leaky gut or lack of digestive enzymes, then this will be assesesd and balanced before desensitizing the problem food. Please call and speak to one of our therapists for more information.


Hay fever occurs when the body reacts excessively to grass, pollen, moulds, spores and chemicals. Other hay fever type triggers include cigarette smoke, dust, dust mites, fur and feathers. Treatment is initially to lessen your total toxic load by testing and detoxification with boresonance together with nutritional advice and supplements. When the body’s immume sytem is stronger, after one or two appointments, allergens can then be desensitized using bioresonance therapy. A sample of your pet hair or dust from your home, or pollen collected in water in a glass jar, can be brought in to the clinic and used to desensitize you.

Symptoms of allergies-if you are suffering from unexplained symptoms you may have allergies – Swollen face, lips, itching, eczema, neuarodermatitis, fatique, restlessness, irritablitily, anxiety, nervousness, depression, hyperactivity, feeling dazed, frequent headaches, migraines, sore throat, cough, sneezing, runny or blocked nose, vertigo- dizziness, itchy eyes, cardiac rythm disorders, asthma, shortness of breath, circulatory disorders, gastritis, colitis, diarrhoea, irritable bladder, frequent cystitis, sore muscles, allergy shock, water retention, rheumatic symtoms, weight loss and gain and much more…bioresonance and nutrition can help you with these symptoms.

Some causes of allergies – Cow’s Milk, wheat, nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, soya, pet hair, moulds, fungal infections in the gut like candida, pollen, air bourne pollution & chemicals, psychological factors, on going stress, over use of antibiotics & painkillers. Bioresonance and nutrition can help assess and balance allergies, and help to balance mental, emotional and physical symptoms.